Supporting Mental Health In Grays Harbor

In Mental Health Crisis: Call Grays Harbor Crisis Center:
(360)754-1338 or (800)270-0041

NAMI Washingto Coast supports those with mental illness and their families and friends, advocates for mental wellness at local, state and national levels, and provides community education programs on mental health.

NAMI recognizes that the key concepts of recovery, resiliency and support are essential to improving the wellness and quality of life for all persons affected by mental illness.

Mental illness is a treatable disease. The stigma associated with mental illness is  alleviated through education and advocacy in our Grays Harbor community.  We all need to be nonjudgemental in our relationships with others. Together we can make a difference.

NAMI Washington Coast provides monthly education meetings in Aberdeen/Hoquiam, Ocean Shores and McCleary. In addition there are numerous programs and support groups for those with mental illness, there families and the community. There is no charge. Join today.